Past Exhibitions

Photo Exhibition
"Mosques in Europe"

Community College
Monheim am Rhein/ Germany

02nd-29th May 2024

Photo Exhibition
"Mosques in Europe"

Germany's oldest mosque, (1925)
Berlin/ Wilmersdorf

02nd - 8th Oct. 2023

Photo Exhibition
"Mosques in Europe"

Community College
Krefeld/ Germany

21st Sept.-8th Oct. 2023

Photo Exhibition

Community College

June 5th-July 5th, 2023

"Mosques in Europe"



Photo exhibition in Karlsruhe, Germany

Karlsruhe Town Hall

30th Sept. to 6th Oct

Muslim Culture Days 2022

Karlsruhe Regional Council

10th to 21st Oct

"Einheit in der Vielfalte"
Unity in Diversity

Small Synagogue Erfurt

October 02. 2018 - 03. February 2019

The interview by Ahmed Krausen which took place in the "small Synagogue" in Erfurt of the ZDF "Forum am Freitag" (Forum on Friday) please click here.

"Islam in Europe"

Woolf Institute
Cambridge, UK

October 11th 2017-April 17th 2018

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"Islam It's Also Our History"

EU/Tempora Exhibition

15.Sept. 2017- 21. Jan. 2018

"Europe And Its Muslim Legacies"

Bruxeles, Belgium

Twelve Centuries of Muslim Presence in Europe

Ahmed Krausen was associate partner of this exhibition.
Please also see the article, "Islam in Europe" Exhibition Opens In Brussels After Delay Caused By Terror Attacks on the website.


Haus der Famile, Münster, Germany

2. September- 7. October 2016, (Group Photo Exhibition)

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Islam in Europe

Dar Al Dar Al-Arqam Poland / Warszawa OsrodekKultury Muzulmanskiej

May 27th - July 10th 2016

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"Summer school Sicily"

Catania, Italy

March 23-27, 2016

Photo exhibition "Islam in Europe "

Catania, Italy

March 23-April 08, 2016

"Mosques in Europe-European Mosques?"

Center for Islamic Theology, Tübingen

June 18th-July 31st 2014

"Un altro aspetto dell' Islam / Another Aspect of Islam"

Le Ciminiere / Catania, Italy

May 3rd-4th 2014

"Islam in Europe / The Role of the Mosque in the Photography"

Library of the University in Osnabrück

Mar 24th-Apr 29th 2014

"Muslim Life in Europe "

KUDEM, Mannheim

Feb 2nd-7th 2014

"MOCAfest", Group Exhibition

Excel, London

28th-31st Oct 2013

"Islam in Europe"

Institute of Islamic Theology, Osnabrück

Sept 4th-Oct 31st 2013

"Cultural Transfers Modern Mosque New Ways of Building"

ifa-Gallery Berlin

July 27th 2012 to 30 September 2012

"Cultural Transfers Modern Mosque New Ways of Building"

ifa-Gallery Stuttgart

January 27th 2012 to April 1st 2012

"Islam's trip to Denmark"

Børsbygning, Copenhagen

May 9th - 13th 2011

"Dunya - Glimpses of Muslim Life in Europe"

Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization, United Arab Emirates

June 17th - August 14th 2010

"Nicht alles im Rahmen", Fotografische Werke aus, dem Orient und Okzident

Arab Union of Photographers, Germany

25-02 - 10-03-2009, Altona Forum, Hamburg

Divine Inspirations

The Islamic Arts Museum, Malaysia

27-11-2008 - 28-02-2009, Group Photo Exhibition

Being Muslim in Europe

El.Sawy Culture Wheel, Cairo, Egypt

21st. - 30th. Apr. 2008

Public Library

Gellerup / Aarhus

8th. Oct - 10th. Nov. 2005

Islamic Center Skive


1st. - 30th. September 2005

Public Library

"Kvarterhuset" Copenhagen

1st.  - 30th. June 2005

Muslim Assoc.of Denmark


15 th. April - 25th. May 2005

Community Centre

"Blaagaarden" Copenhagen

09 th. March - 11th. April 2005

Islamic-Christian Study Centre


31st. January - 01st. March 2005

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